God save Air India..  

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Today Air India Red beat Air India Blue to win the BCCI corporate Trophy(Link). Good! But there is something here that is bothering me.
Recently there was huge discussion about how Air India is suffering huge loss and Aviation minister was churning out plans to bring it back to line.He even proposed a advisory board comprising of  industry slatwarts like Ratan Tata , S Ramdorai and Sam Pitroda ato make the turn around (Link). 
All fine, But When your company is in financial distress, you try to minimise the cost factors. But  Air India has put two teams  comprising of players like Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj singh and M S Dhoni.It goes without saying that these are quite expensive tournaments.
Are these people really serious about saving the Maharaja ?? 
What are these people really upto ??


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